I’ve taken some time to reflect on the journey of the past two years.

How did we get here? How I get here?

I was initially inspired by the extraordinary determination and passion of a local activist named Cleo Petricek, who I watched build a grassroots movement through the S.A.F.E…

By Matt Mackowiak

We are now in the closing days of the May 1 Municipal election.

Voters can cast ballots on the final day of early voting (Tuesday, April 27 from 7am-7pm) and on Election Day (Saturday, May 1 from 7am-7pm).

This is the most consequential municipal election in Austin’s…

Looking back at 2020, I’ll say a few things and then give one very big reason for hope for everyone for 2021.

We’ve been very fortunate in 2020. Most people had a rougher time than we did. I’m grateful for my health, my wife, my work, my family & my…

There’s so much that I want to tell you.

On Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020, Nick Owens died. He was only 45. Cancer was the cause. Very few people knew he’d been sick.

I’ve known Nick since the summer of 2003.

I arrived in Washington, DC the day after college graduation…

Every day there is a new reason to despair in the direction of our city.

We have an affordability crisis, woefully inadequate infrastructure, and a homeless camping ordinance that is ruining our city.

But this week things got immeasurably worse.

Peaceful protests began to rightly oppose the horrific death of…

By Matt Mackowiak & Cleo Petricek

We are two different people, who have lived vastly different lives. One a local Republican leader. The other, a lifelong Democratic party activist.

But in recent months we have shared a deep commitment to restoring public safety and public health to Austin by overturning…

2020 will be a consequential election in Travis County.

I am honored to serve as Travis County Republican Party (TCRP) Chairman.

Several weeks ago, I filed for reelection as TCRP chairman with a majority of our precinct chairs endorsing me for another term.

The filing period has now closed and…

I have good news and bad news.

Here is the good news: It appears there are only 11 people in Austin who do not see what a disaster the homeless camping ordinance has become for our city in just two short months.

Here is the bad news: The 11 people…

Matt Mackowiak

Conservative, operative, columnist, podcaster. Steelers/Pens/Horns fan, easy like Sunday morning but fun like Saturday night. Co-founder, Save Austin Now (PAC)

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